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Business Consultant, Interpreter, Translator

Skype: consultant.zoe




Interpreter, Translator, Business consultant for:

-         English and Chinese services

-         Training

-         Translation

-         Import and export

-         China sourcing & business development

-         Companies researching Chinese market

-         Product localization

-         Business consultations

-         Culture consultations



-         Bilingual in Chinese (Standard Mandarin—China’s official language) & English

-         Worked in Benxi, Dalian, Beijing and Shanghai in China

-         Working and living in Melbourne Australia now.

-         Master courses in international business, BA & MA in English Languages,

-         PhD candidate in business in Melbourne, Australia



-        My interest in multi-culture and living experience has instilled within me a strong Western work ethics. I have been studying in Melbourne Australia since July of 2009; recently went to New Zealand  for business. I have traveled to some countries in southeast Asia. I worked for a German multinational company for one year in Beijing China as a key account manager before I came to Australia. Working with international clients is natural to me.